Rise of the Runelords

The Justice and his men

There is a new excitement filling the market. Rumors fly and everyone has an opinion about the Justice and his men. Wild stories are on nearly every man woman and child’s lips.

In one account he is a simple man from a farmers past. He grew up human and after travelling to Magnimar he decided that something needed to be done. Rooting out evil and ending corruption he made lots of enemies. A bitter noble hired a witch and turned him into an elf!

Yet another tells of how he secretly controlls the the mayor and rules over most of the Lost Coast from Magnimar to Riddleport through his ravens.

As the day passes the stories grow more an more ridiculous.

After several hours inside the Sandpoint Town House, the Justice emerges along with his retinue, Mayor Deverin, Titus Scarnetti, old Ethram Valdemar, his eldest son Belven, and Sheriff Belor Hemlock. The Mayor, Ethram, Titus, and the Justice all climb into the coach, closing the door behind them revealing the seal of the Justices of Magnimar in gold print on the door. Belven heads towards the stables with the two rider’s horses.

The Sheriff crosses the street and enters the Garrison.

The driver starts the horses and the coach makes it’s way back the way it came out the southern Gate. The two men in breastplate make their way into the crowd an head north.

Shortly after entering the stables, Belven exits mounted on his own horse. He leaves through the southern gate as well.


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